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  • augustus 2017
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For the majority of men relationship signals are not something easy to understand or explain. She's interested in you, so she uses non verbal cues to indicate that she's interested in you. Why doesn't she just tell you? For one thing subtleties mean safety. If the other person says they love you and you don't love them, they will feel embarassed. Whereas if they do something nice or say something nice as their way of saying they like you, that's not so embarassing for them is it.

So subtleties mean safety. So if subtleties mean safety, this means their way of showing attraction will probably be with subtleties. The next issue is what are the different ways in which they may show attraction. What the author has found over years and years is the way in which they show attraction is answered by the words: Style and pattern.

For instance Amy and Amanda didn't say anything about liking the author. This is because their style was to develop a friendship first. For some people they will be attracted and say nothing and over the next year they will watch what you do. Then after a year of observing you, knowing you and finally understanding you, then they go and indicate that they like you.

For others they don't see the point in waiting, they will do something to show that they are interested in you. For some they will say or do things that are definitely subtle, for others not so subtle. In total their are many, many different possible styles someone will show if they are interested in you. The way in which you can recognize their style, is by looing for patterns, their style will repeat itself.

This book doesn't stop there. A relationship signal can be positive, it can show attraction. When you are actually dating though, a relationship signal can mean I'm happy to be with you, or it can mean 'I wish things were different, things could be better. It would be even better if you made this change'. Relationship signals can also be negative.

In some cases a negative relationship signal can be a tap on the shoulder. The other person is gently giving you an indication that they are hoping you will change things in their favor. In other cases, they will grin and bear it, they will act as if everything is fine hoping that on your own you will change things. Finally the day comes when they just can't take it anymore.

There's also the situation where they can be very demanding and very pushy. Out of the three possibilities which way do you like least? Probably the last possibility. Well here's the thing, if you're still only dating and the other person is being pushy and demanding, you can at any time end it and go out with someone who's gentle in the way they indicate that things could be better.

When it comes to negative relationship signals there are many, many different possibilities. Many, means far more than ten. The author is a man who's been in many different relationship situations.



augustus 2017
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Warren Tooley
Warren Tooley

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