Divorce and Children Answers to the Questions That Parents and Children Ask to Help Survive Divorce and Find Happiness

Divorce and Children
Auteur: Brian Harris
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  • Paperback
  • 9781530001613
  • februari 2016
  • 178 pagina's
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How can parents help their children to survive a divorce and find happiness and success? This book, written by a counselor with extensive experience in assisting the children of divorce, looks at the questions most frequently asked by divorced parents and their children. The answers consider a wide range of practical tips and strategies that can make a positive difference in helping kids (and their parents) to survive a divorce. The questions and answers include the following: - Does divorce always cause problems for children? -What are some of the main factors that contribute to children of divorce growing up to be happy and successful adults? - What are the stages of grieving and what do they have to do with divorce? - What should I tell my children? - Should my ex and I do things together with our children? - How can I deal with my child's anger? - What should I do if my child becomes depressed? - Will my child ever accept my divorce? - What should I communicate to my child's teachers? - What form of custody and living arrangements are best for my children? - What do my kids need to know about the divorce settlement? - Isn't it hard for children to go back and forth between two houses? - What if my ex and I have completely different approaches in raising our children? - What if my ex and I can't stop fighting? - What is normal behavior for a child after a divorce? - What should I do if my child is struggling at school? - What can I do if my ex tries to buy our child's love? - When is it okay to start dating again? - Are there any benefits children gain from a divorce? - Will I ever be able to get on with my life? - How should I introduce a new love interest to my children? - What if my children don't like the person I am dating? - What role should a step parent play? and some questions that kids ask: - Why did you get a divorce? - Why don't you love mommy (or daddy) anymore? - Why can't I see my other parent more often? - Why did daddy (or mommy) leave us? - If I promise to be really good, will you get back together again? - If you got divorced because you were unhappy, why are you still sad? - Now that you're divorced, why can't you stop fighting? - Why do you say you are going to see me and then you don't show up? - Why can't we sometimes adjust our schedule of where I live to it better meets my needs? - Will I be living with my brothers and sisters? - Can I take my dog or cat to the other house? - Do I have to like daddy's (or mommy's) new friend?



februari 2016
Aantal pagina's
178 pagina's



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