Engineering 3D Tissue Test Systems

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Engineering 3D Tissue Test Systems provides an introduction to, and unique coverage of, a rapidly evolving area in biomaterials engineering. It reveals the current and future research responses, the current and future diagnostic applications, and provides a comprehensive overview to foster innovation. It offers insight into the importance of 3D systems and their use as benchtop models, spanning applications from basic scientific research to clinical diagnostics. Methods and limitations of building 3D tissue structures are evaluated, with attention given to the cellular, polymeric, and fabrication instrumentation components. The book covers the important aspects of polymeric tissue test systems, highlighting the needs and constraints of the industry, and includes a chapter on regulatory and pricing issues.


Engineering 3D Tissue Test Systems is a comprehensive book that covers the areas of biofabrication, materials, and biology for engineering 3D tissues. Readers can gain tremendous amounts of knowledge on 3D printing, biofabrication, model systems, and test methods from this book. I would definitely recommend this book to my colleagues and students. -Kai Zhang, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China excellent asset for those seeking knowledge on the creation of 3D cell culture systems and their potential to improve our understanding of human biology. - Matt Gevaert, KIYATEC Inc., Greenville, South Carolina, USA This book provides comprehensive materials needed for the readers to understand the concept of engineering 3D tissue test systems. It provides a good balance of basic sciences and engineering principles. It also includes a good amount of clinical relevant applications of such systems to provide practical value to its readers. Overall, this is a great introductory book for graduate students and researchers who want to explore more in the area of 3D tissue test systems and their applications. -Tao Xu, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China ...provides a clear presentation of design considerations from the ground up, and could be considered a short course in popular topics for 3D cell culture. The addition of a section relating to business considerations was novel and an excellent primer towards moving these needed technologies into broader adoption, where the impact of 3D cell culture can be realized. -Scott Taylor, Poly-Med Inc., Anderson, South Carolina, USA ... an excellent resource for undergraduate students and for those just entering the field. The inclusion of several chapters dedicated to the fundamentals of different aspects of biofabrication followed by chapters with examples illustrating these fundamentals is an approach that will help novices to better understand the principles. However, the book is also a good read for more established investigators as a reminder of where we have come and where we are going regarding cellseeded scaffolds and regenerative medicine. -Biomaterials Forum, Fourth Quarter 2017



juli 2017
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