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Auteur: David Fergusson
Taal: Engels
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Auteur: David Fergusson
Uitgever: Oup Oxford
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9780191615078
  • maart 2011
  • Adobe ePub
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Heralded as the exponents of a 'new atheism', critics of religion are highly visible in today's media, and include the household names of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris. David Fergusson explains their work in its historical perspective, drawing comparisons with earlier forms of atheism. Responding to the critics through conversations on the credibility of religious belief, Darwinism, morality, fundamentalism, and our approach to reading sacred texts, he establishes a compelling case for the practical and theoretical validity of faith in the contemporary world. An invitation to engage in a rich dialogue, Faith and Its Critics supports an informed and constructive exchange of ideas rather than a contest between two sides of the debate. Fergusson encourages faith communities to undertake patient engagement with their critics, to acknowledge the place for change and development in their self-understanding whilst resisting the reductive explanations of the new atheism.


David Fergusson is a careful scholar. There is an elegance in his writing - a precision that is a delight to read. He has clearly read the primary texts with care and provides a masterful survey which locates, analyses and adjudicates the issues. It is an insightful study. * Simon Gathercole, Scottish Journal of Theology * If you want a calm, reasoned, dispassionate discussion of some of the more evangelical atheists of recent times, this is it... I would strongly commend the book as an exemplary model of reasoned discussion of religious issues. And I would say that even if I did not happen to agree with almost all of the author's conclusion (as I do). * Keith Ward, Church Times * [Fergusson] brings exemplary clarity, an impressive grasp of the relevant recent literature, and a fair-mindedness that is at times inspiring. These are virtues that are not lightly to be set aside. * John Cottingham, The Tablet * With such pedigree, this book was always likely to be worth reading, and Fergusson does not disappoint... This book is full of scholarly common sense. Is effect is to clear a space of reasonable faith, without avoiding the real challenges posed by atheist critiques. If anyone is looking for an accessible but rigorous treatment of these issues, this is the place to go. * The Revd Mark Woods, The Baptist Times * an interesting and balanced treatment. * Graham Gould. The Journal of Theological Studies. *

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maart 2011
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


David Fergusson
Oup Oxford

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