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  • februari 2013
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Are you sick going to work day after day and not getting paid what you deserve? Trading your time for your money while not being able to do what you love? Do you feel stuck in your current situation because your bills are keeping you from doing what you love?

This book will empower you to follow your passions and create streams of income that pay you month after month, with little or no maintenance, for "work' you do once.

When you are done with this book you will have the tools and knowledge you need to create a passive income you can live on.

This book will address:

Building streams of passive income that far surpass what you are making from your job.

Unloading false conditioning, maintaining a constructive mindset, and shredding illogical fears around getting paid doing nothing.

Getting paid for the rest of your life with little or no maintenance on work you do once.

Identifying what kind of passive income stream is right for you

Becoming clear on how you can create a passive income stream without resistance.

Shattering subconscious fears around not having to use your time to earn a living.

Revealing the internal drivers that you can turn on to put earning a passive income on auto-pilot.

Setting a passive income goal that is motivating and believable.

Acquiring a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Creating leverage with yourself to motivate you until the completion of your passive income goals.

Getting to work on earning a passive income TODAY.

Leveraging the skills and knowledge you already have towards creating a stream of passive income.

Getting in the habit of providing passive value to others.

Identifying what people are already buying and where there are gaps of high demand and low supply that you could potentially fill.

Going through the process of picking an idea, refining the idea, devising an income stream for the idea, outlining the idea, and creating a completion plan.

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