How to Make Money - A Handbook for Teens, Kids & Young Adults What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? What do You Want to Be Now? Dishwashers, Doctors, Dog Walkers and Designers - The World Needs Them All! Learn How to Do Something With Your Life!

How to Make Money - A Handbook for Teens, Kids & Young Adults
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  • 9781522823322
  • december 2015
  • 236 pagina's
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A Homeschooling Curriculum for Economics, Social Studies and Career Planning.

Recommended for for Grades 7th to 12th. Over 230 pages. SALE: Normal Price $24.50

This is a very unique curriculum that serves a very practical purpose! Instead of learning irrelevant facts about social studies and economics, your student is digging deep into over 80 different careers and income generating hobbies. The workbook is so much fun that students will not realize that they are doing school work. This career planning handbook will help teens to catch a vision for the future.

Many career planning books focus ONLY on occupations that require years of college education and mounds of student loans and debt. This book is different. We will introduce your young entrepreneurs to a variety of business ideas that can help them to be self-sufficient without loads of debt and years of school. They can even earn their own money while obtaining an education that will help them to meet their long term goals.

We ask serious questions to get your student thinking, like: ''What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?'' AND ''What Do You Want to Be Now?''

The options are endless... From Dishwashers to Doctors, from Dog Walkers to Designers, Florists, Professional Cat Breeders, Sound Engineers and Music Teachers... the options are vast and interesting! Learn How to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing Something with Your Life!

If you are a parent of a teen, this book will help your son or daughter to plan a course that starts now, and helps them to be ready to support themselves and their future families.

If you are ready to help your children to be self-sufficient this book will give them the vision, guidance and direction that they need to make the next step, and the next step and the next step. The only step you need to take is the one that gets this book into their hands.

Most career planning books depend on parent to paying thousand of dollars for education, and expect parents to house and feed kids until age 28. This career planning book costs less than $30 and sets you free from a future plagued with dirty laundry, messy rooms, pizza boxes and guilt over a child who has no motivation to take life seriously. Maybe you are afraid of having an empty nest, but you need to give your child freedom and push them out of the nest like a good mother bird. You can do this.

If you give this book to a young child or teen they will learn how to be very productive at a young age, and have vision for the years to come.

If you are homeschooling this book can be used for one or two semesters of Social Studies for Middle School or High School.

This one book could be a turning point in your child's life because everyone needs to develop a vision for the future, chart a course to follow, and a create a plan to act upon, starting now.



december 2015
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236 pagina's



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