How to Think Your Way to Thin The Lies We Tell Ourselves about Weight Loss

How to Think Your Way to Thin
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Why would you ever want to go on a diet to loose weight? Who in the heck has time to exercise 7 days a week or 3 days for that fact to lose weight? If you want to lose weight and you are tired of the fad diets, diets in themselves or exercising to kill yourself, then I have something that will blow your mind away! Hello, my name is Robert Kintigh and I lost 105 pounds with no dieting and no exercise and I did with what I call "Mental Weight Loss." I have written this book and an exercise program that is unique and not like all of the other programs who set you up to fail because I want to finally help everyone with life long struggles with their weight. In this book I am going to guarantee you somethings that most will never do for you. I guarantee you: That you can do this program and lose weight. My book will give you an understanding of natural weight loss that is life long. That you have the best chance to succeed with this program. That you will lose weight if you will follow the book and program. I lay everything on the table so you can relax and learn. This is not a fad diet, some weird experiment, another diet for you to fail with, a complicated idea even though it may appear that way or resembling anything like you have tried in the past. This is amazing and this is like no other. The only other person I have found that has such a clear understanding about mental weight loss is Tony Robbins . Tony knows that weight loss lies in the mind and it is up to you to understand that if you are going to lose the weight you desire. I wrote this book because everyone wanted to know how I lost 105 pounds and when I tried explaining it in five minutes or less it almost sounded ridiculous so I discovered if I was ever going to help anyone with weight loss then I needed to get it down in a way that was organized and complete. This book is the end result of me wanting to help you lose weight and get to your best body ever. How to Think Your Way to Thin will test your focus and resolve but will help you to fine too your certainty while you help to gain confidence and significance in your life. If you have a sound mind that functions then you can accomplish a ton with my program. If you are tired of being over weight and are ready to shed those pounds for good then this is your freedom book. Ladies, this is the best weight loss book you will ever read and use because it has everything you need to gain control of your emotions, remove stress and comfort foods and finally relax over your weight. The truth is that dieting has never lost anyone significant weight. Your mind determines weight loss and not everything else you have been taught. Your mind has the power to decide so many elements to your health and weight loss and it is up to you to program it. Get ready to start fresh with our program as you read this book and get ready to lose weight with no dieting and no exercise. You will burn belly fat, shrink your pants sizes and lose body weight. I will teach you to channel your mind, align your body and capture your ideal weight. How to Think Your Way to Thin has finally arrived and should be kept close by your side every step of the way as it will help you through so many situations. Be prepared to cleanse your mind and body so that you can obtain maximum weight loss. What is your ideal weight? What will you look like when you achieve your goals? What will it take to help you finally achieve everything you desire with your health? How to Think Your Way to Thin will guide you and help you all along the way. I lost 105 pounds harnessing the power of the mind and as I sat working fourteen hours a day at my desk I melted away the pounds with no diet or exercise and my wife sat watching in disbelief. As time moved on, she was a believer and is now on my weight loss plan along with many other success stories who are thriving, happier than ever and full of passion.



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