JayWalkers Shouldn't be Shot Justice for All

JayWalkers Shouldn't be Shot
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  • november 2015
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America has a problem We have more citizens in jail than any other country. 3 citizens a day are shot by police, many unarmed African American and or poor and many are shot in the back. Many innocents are going to jail without adequate legal representation. Our inner-city schools are so bad that they bear the label “Pipeline to Prison”. The poor are easy marks for the police and prosecutors causing unjust imprisonment. There are solutions for these problems and not only are there solutions, there are cities and states implementing these solutions at this very time. We have verified results showing that they work. We have solutions developed by foundations, universities and even the federal government. Many of these solutions have grants, manuals and even physical consulting help to develop these programs. But most of all, most if not all, pay for themselves. Any program will face the cost factor. Not only is there a competition for tax dollars, most governments, local, city or federal, either already have a debt problem or a limitation of tax money and many times this is due to taxpayers revolt or party ideology. In addition, many solutions require money spent in advance and then the payback may take years if at all. On top of that, there may be party rejection of the solution. In this series of articles, we will be dealing with problems with which most of America identify and agree with. The solutions many times will only require a change in laws or regulations; changes with no financial costs up front. I will be laying out these solutions so that the ones which take little if any costs will provide the largest savings. Then as we go into more complicated programs which require upfront costs, there will already be available savings to pay for those steps that must be taken; changes that will come with a slower rate of savings. In the end, we will a smaller jail population, a better work force, less crime and a better education process. More importantly, we will have a more equal system of Justice for All



november 2015
Aantal pagina's
90 pagina's



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