Journey of the Streets
Auteur: Gary Miller
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781465390431
  • december 2011
  • 64 pagina's
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I didnt have a clue what God had planned for my future, which was preparing me for not only just a mission field relating to the homeless, but so engraving into my heart and mind, by personal experience it ended up, the way most of them feel about their circumstances. They all have their own story. I know I have mine as well. I discovered we had a lot in common. We really did! Most of us worked together on different jobs, we shared the good and bad stories of our lives, our hopes and dreams as well. When we found others we could trust and get along with, we had a tendency to camp together. I was a born again Christian and liked nothing better than to share, with those who were receptive, my faith and hope in Jesus Christ. Some werent interested, but those who were we were able to form a pretty tight bond. I was establishing a good re-pore, reputation, over the days, weeks, months and years I worked with some of them. I only lived the homeless life because being an unskilled laborer as I was, minimum wage was never enough to even seriously think about trying to get an apartment and work as sporadic as it was, I needed the money for necessities. Id go for days on end with no money. It was rough, very rough. Because of growing respect for me and my faith I was able to lead some to a personal faith-relationship with Christ, and this was the climax of my life, when that would happen. Living out in the elements, for years, sometimes in less time, depending on the individual, takes its toll on ones physical health and ability to work every day, as one would hope to. Some would get sick, some would get injured, some would get robbed and left for dead for someone else to come across them later on. The rain would soak you, the cold would freeze you, sickness would seem like a living hell; crying wouldnt help anything. Church people said they loved us and treated us with utter condescending jeers- it made a person heart-sick and soon it would make a person start to wonder if there was really hope for things to get better. I grew angry, not for myself, but for the others, whose lives seemed to be in the balance of life and death on a daily bases; and I sought out God as to what I could do to make a difference for THEM. I went church to church pleasantly, but urgently seeking for them to contribute money to help missions that help the homeless find work and a real place to live; but I was laughed at, I was cruelly ( by supposedly up-standing pastors), mocked, and I was lied on. This infuriated me, but I kept it to myself. In time God began to work in me what now I see as a writing ministry, now that I have my own place to live, and I still go to Bible Study meetings weekly, to stay in contact with those Ive known for years and to meet the newer ones. I see tangible evidence of God moving in their lives, and helping them get places to live and I see smiles on their faces now... PRICELESS smiles! This my reward, THANK GOD FOR THAT!!! Enjoy the book JOURNEY OF THE STREETS!!!!!!!



december 2011
Aantal pagina's
64 pagina's
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0 - 2 jaar


Gary Miller



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