Kinsman Leadership Loving God, Loving Others

Auteur: Dwight Reimer
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  • 9781535113328
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  • juli 2016
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In his initial writing on Kinsman Leadership, Dr. Reimer provides the reader with a fresh look at the foundations of Leadership as a transformational process. By combining his own life experiences with the Biblical examples of Jesus of Nazareth, Moses, Joseph, and Jewish traditions of providing for family members in need, he describes the practical benefits of this powerful form of leading as a servant of others. His stories of his father, mother, and uncle provide a rich earthy introduction to the power of Kinsman Leaders who are Willing, Able, Related, and Free to impact the lives of those they lead. The chapters that share the experiences of other Kinsman Leaders illustrate the power of this leadership concept in our daily lives. Kinsman Leadership: Loving God, Loving Others, is the result of an accumulation of God’s unconditional love in my own journey into leadership. My journey began in a loving family where I learned to love God, seek His heart, and care for others. Just prior to my twelfth birthday, my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. As I rode my bicycle across the yard to escape the pain of this news, I brokenly asked the Lord the most significant question of my young life, “How can I grow up without a dad.” In His quiet, small, gentle, and certain voice, He responded without hesitation, “I will be a Father to you.” I knew that He was my Heavenly Father, but now The Creator of the Universe was offering, no, guaranteeing that He would be my personal Father, taking the place of my daddy, helping me face the challenges of my teenage years and beyond. He has been absolutely faithful to his words on that day. His unfailing love has followed me all the days of my life.I acknowledge the mysterious ways in which God works in our lives, ways beyond our understanding. Occasionally, He gives us a glimpse backward so we can understand His work and see His hands in our lives. My dad, Keith, and his brother Willis had an amazing relationship that God used to deeply impact my life, and provide the seeds and rich soil for Kinsman Leadership: Loving God, Loving Others. I also acknowledge the daily influence of The Word of God in the form of The Holy Bible. This compilation of sacred books is undoubtedly the most peer-reviewed document in the history of mankind. In fact, the process used by early Christian leaders to determine which writings should be included as part of the God-inspired text is the very process upon which the modern university and scientific journals rely for the definition of their own peer-review methodology. Consequently, I have come to believe and have argued successfully in the academic world, that the Bible is acceptable as a primary source for scholarly work at every academic level. It is this Bible, the inspired and reliable Word of God, the Creator of the universe, and the Father of our Ultimate Kinsman Redeemer that is the primary source for Kinsman Leadership: Loving God, Loving Others.Finally, the author of The Bible and Creator of the Universe became the Living Word in human form as Jesus of Nazareth. He became the Kinsman Redeemer for each and every human in His creation. On the basis of His sacrifice on the Cross as the pure Lamb of God, I accept His invitation to live in intimate, heart to heart, eternal relationship with Him. Kinsman Leadership is the result of His handiwork, written in the lives of those who continually seek His face, and presented in His time. It is the deepest prayer of my heart that the concepts and leadership theories presented here will touch your heart, renew your mind, transform your life, restore your purpose, empower your spirit, inform your leadership, and inspire you to go turn the world right-side-up. May God gain a good return on His investment in our lives.-- Dr. Dwight Reimer



juli 2016
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110 pagina's



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Loving God, Loving Others
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