Managing Yourself Managing Others Learn How to Improve Effectiveness, Productivity, and Work Satisfaction

Managing Yourself Managing Others
Auteur: Steven M Darter
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  • 9781514237458
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  • augustus 2015
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Managing Yourself Managing Others: Learn How to Improve Effectiveness, Productivity, and Work Satisfaction by Steven Darter is about how to be a more effective manager of people and yourself and how to create an environment that brings forth the best that people have to give. For some people, the book will be about helping organizations improve performance by tapping into the heart and soul of their employees. For others, it is a book about finding a place in this world where they can feel productive and alive, where what they do has meaning, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Others might take what is learned and apply it to family and loved ones.For all, this book is about understanding and using a motivational force, unique to each individual, which can lift one to enormous heights or sink them to despair if not understood and managed well.Each person has giftedness, purpose, and an innate motivational drive, and when they uncover and use it, their life, for that moment, has a sense of congruence and fit. The more a person can operate in their motivational strike zone, which brings forth the energy and fire within, the more meaningful their life feels. The practicality of this to organizations is that when an employee is in a role that taps into their motivational strike zone the more motivated, satisfied, and productive they will be. The more an organization is seeded (at all levels) with people who do their jobs with passion, the more effective it will be. The concepts and techniques described in this book, when applied, will help create such an organization. In the course of helping the reader understand how to tap into the motivational strike zone and passion of their employees and, by doing so, how it positively impacts organizations, the book describes how one can discover their own motivational strike zone. If the reader makes this investment, he/she will become a more effective manager of others and themselves; and as a result they may find that their life will be more meaningful and their path to success easier to find.Read below what others have said about Managing Yourself Managing Others:• It has been incredible for me to see the power of good job fit. Its impact has been enormous and a key factor in our continuing success. I highly recommend SIMA and Steve’s book to you”• “If you have ever questioned how some employees seem to fit so magically with their job, while other people are always at odds with theirs, Managing Yourself, Managing Others is a must read”• Steve Darter’s book describes the most powerful and enduring people and self-management tool I have employed in my personal and professional life”• “Managing Yourself Managing Others contains information, insights, and understandings that will endure throughout one’s business career”• “This book addresses the very core of managing and presents the finest tool I’ve seen that promotes human development within the work place”• “By far, the most productive assessment and personal awareness tool I have ever used.”• “Regardless of where you are in your career: just starting out, somewhere in the middle or nearing the end this is a must read book. Your performance, the performance of your team, and the performance of the organization will dramatically improve if you apply the principles contained in this book''• “I have worked with Steve to profile leadership teams in two, top tier companies. To a person, executives found the process extremely valuable and insightful. They continue to use MAP profiles to make staffing decisions, configure teams, and identify appropriate stretch assignments. I recommend Steve’s book to you”• “This concise and richly illustrated book is a must read for anyone interested in improving performance and enhancing motivation at work. You will find sage advice from one of the premier career consultants working today”



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