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Mandalas to Crochet

30 Great Patterns

Auteur: Haafner Linssen
Uitgever: Search Press Ltd
  • Engelstalig
  • Paperback
  • 9781782213895
  • februari 2016
  • 128 pagina's
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Crocheted mandalas are having a moment! And it is no wonder the mandala is in vogue: one evening is often enough to begin and finish something eye-catching. This book celebrates the sheer fun of making and showcases Haafner Linssen's modern colour schemes and patterns. With full patterns and inspiring photos, a review of crochet techniques that helps you create a perfect circle, a discussion of materials, colours, finishing techniques, and lots of project ideas, this book is a guarantee for many hours of happy mandala-making.


The book is very detailed. It contains 30 great mandala patterns for you to crochet. There are three chapters in the book, beginning with the essential information you may need. Including a crochet refresher course with the stitches and techniques needed and a beautiful section on all the different yarns you can use. The book then moves onto different colour combinations and how you can create a colour plan. There are many mandala patterns to choose from so there is a section on called the mandala selector. The book then moves into the patterns. This is where the author has chosen her 30 favourite patterns for the readers to try. There are patterns ranging from simple to advanced using very technical stitches. The final chapter is mandala projects you can get stuck into. This is the most exciting part of the book in my opinion! There are all sorts of things you can make with the mandala patterns, from a boho bag to table mats, scarves and blankets. * * Mandalas - colourful circles to crochet. This book includes easy to make, quick to make mandalas. These designs can be completed in an evening. The book includes Before You Begin, Mandala Selector and Mandala Patterns. The latter are split into categories: Basic, Classic, Flowers, Special and Borders. You'll find all the stitches you need, full instructions and charts for 30 mandalas. My favourites are Scallops and Confetti (neither are shown on the cover). Each design is clearly shown with good photos and clear instructions. Once you have mastered making mandalas, check out the seven projects for a beautiful bag, hotpads, table mats, scarf, blankets and rug. * Karen Platt- * Mandalas are making a huge revival at the moment. Haafner has taken this and brought mandalas to the present. The book starts with a before you begin section. This takes you through everything you need to know to make the mandalas. It sets you up and gets you ready. It takes you through everything from colour to yarns to use. You are supplied with a complete crochet refresher course. It shows you step by step each of the stitches used. Illustrations are supplied with the instructions which make it very easy to follow. The patterns are in written format and in chart format. Not only do you get patterns of mandalas you also get projects which you can also use them in. This book is really special. I love the mandalas and I love the projects ever more! * Crochet Addict UK * This is a beautiful book showing how to create a variety of mandalas, from the delicate to more substantial items like a bathroom rug. With detailed instructions and beautiful photography, this book is an inspiration! * Hot Brands, Cool Places * April 2016 The mandala is in vogue right now and if you love the granny square then you'll adore this modern take on the crochet doily! Using modern colour schemes and eye catching patterns, each project will take you through the process of creating a perfect circle with large format charts full instructions and inspiration project ideas. Hook one up as a table mat, or go bigger and turn your mandala into a colourful cushion, some wall art for your home or even a stylish bag! You can easily make one in an evening or weekend and they're great stash-busters for yarn hoarders. There are 10 projects in this book, guaranteeing hours of happy mandala making * Love Crochet * As a novice crocheter myself at first glance this looked a little daunting but after reading it through I decided to give my first mandala a go. The instructions are clear and easy to read, I did use YouTube videos as a visual aid to make sure I was doing it right to begin with. But it's so simple to pick up and I soon found myself confident in what I was doing. The colours of images are wonderfully vibrant and really inviting to look at. They draw you into the book. It's a sturdy book made from good quality paper that will definitely stand the test of time. With 128 pages to read, there will definitely be something that catches everyone's to try. I can't wait to get stuck in to my next mandala project. Thank you for making such an excellent book! * Jodi Darnley * This is a stunning well written book. It features 30 mandalas and 7 projects. There is a great begining section showing how to do the stitches, use of different threads and hooks with illustrations to show the finished project. The mandalas do not tell you what thread to use so I guess it lets you experiment. I tried the scallops of the sea and found it helpfull that there was both written and chart instructions as well as a photo of how it will turn out. A beginner can easily create a mandala and there is enough to challenge a more experienced crocheter. A delightful book to browse through. I will look forward to more from Haafner Linssen. * Alice Cowie * Lovely book that crocheters of every level of ability, (even beginners due to the comprehensive guide to every stitch used at the start of the book) will be able to read and make beautiful mandalas. Wonderful use of colour and easy to follow written instructions and charts. Also, some fabulous ideas on how to use your mandalas to make lovely items such as a throw, bag, etc. * Emma Sweeney * This is a lovely, well written crochet book. There are some really interesting tips in the read this first section for making joins and step ups invisible. Then there's a crochet refresher course with really clear diagrams of all the stitches together on a few pages which I love. Some books spread the different stitches all over the book and you're forever having to look them up in the index. Next there are 30 mandala patterns with written instructions and diagrams. I must admit I found the diagrams really scary when I first saw them but after reading the introduction they made sense. I was pleased to find some projects at the back of the book with a good selection of things to make with the mandalas. I've only recently learnt to crochet but I've made a start on my first mandala and it's going well so far. I'm looking forward to having a go at some of the more challenging patterns too. * Jane Turnball * This book is a great for any who enjoys crochet. It is good for a beginner and a more advance hooker alike. The book begins with the basics of crochet, including stitches, yarn selection, colour selection, hook selection and even trouble shooting. By the time you have read this section you are fully armed to make great choices to ensure your project looks amazing. The book then goes on to show you various mandalas. It starts with basic patterns and works up to more advanced options. The pattern is given in chart form and in written. Meaning which ever way you prefer to crochet it is all there for you. The patterns are easy to follow and give clear consise instructions. More importantly the mandalas you can produce are simply stunning. The next part of the book contains projects for you to try. These include a bags and blankets. Once you have completed these you will be fully armed to make a variety of stunning projects out of your mandalas and you can take you creativity to the next level and try out your own projects. The book ends with a summary of all the symbols and abbreviations used in the book. Nothing is left to chance or assumed you know. It is all in the book for you. I heartily recommend this book for anyone interested in crochet. It is the best book in my library at the moment and I see it being extremely hard to replace. best purchase I have made. * Lisa Mayles * We all know about granny squares, but how about circular patterns? Mandalas need no introduction due to their popularity in other crafts, and now they are given the crochet treatment. Choose from thirty different patterns and seven projects and start your own mandala adventure. This book has a beautiful cover that reminds me of the mandala coloring books that are so popular currently. If you are at least an improver level crocheter, you can tackle these patterns, and the book includes a handy refresher course to remind you of the stitches (nice clear diagrams with good use of color). There are also helpful diagrams for things like fastening off, joining rounds and other things related to working in the round, as well as tips about choosing colors. There is a short section on how to make your work flat and neat, and a whole series of pages depicting each mandala so you can choose which you want to make. The patterns are grouped into basic, classic, flowers and something special, and all feature a chart and written instructions as well as the size hook you need (3mm features most often). The projects are well laid out and easy to read, albeit with quite small not very bold print. I think that the large photos make getting it right easier, and certainly make you want to get started. At the back you can find the projects, and see how the mandalas can be sized up or down to make a bag, scarf, mat, hot pad, two different blankets and a gorgeous bath mat, my own favorite. I always admire anybody who can take an idea like granny squares and stand it on its head, showing how versatile crochet truly is. A unique and user-friendly book. * Rachel Hyde - * Very happy with this book, I'm a beginner and I found it very easy to follow. Lots of designs to choose from. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn * Victoria East * this was perfect as it had a type of refresher type course which was perfect as it had been a few years since my last go so this was the most beneficial part. Great step by step instructions and how to do them in various colours annd yarns Any age this book is ideal for * Julie Henderson * I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book and I am so glad that I did. Very well written with plenty for the novice right through to the advanced crocheter. Plenty of beautiful illustrations too which are really helpful * Emma Sweeny * A very well presented book, with clear sections and instructions. The patterns are all attractive and appealing, which I find unusual for a crochet book! The colourways are stylish and tasteful, but of course, you could use something more vibrant if you wanted. There are patterns included which create some unusual textures, so these could no doubt inspire you to take things further. This book is enough to encourage me to pick up a hook again. * Sue Gardener Buchanan * There are 30 mandala patterns to crochet in this book, all sorts of colours and all sorts of stitches. However what I particularly like about these mandalas is the fact they are all new and very modern to look at. nothing too lacy and the colours are for everyone, neither too bright or too pastel. These days I like to review a book by actually making something from it. I find it is easy to lose yourself in beautiful images, be inspired to get your hook out and all to often be disappointed by a pattern that is hard to follow or is not well written. Has that ever happened to you? Therefore I made two mandalas from this book, and I am pleased to announce the patterns are superb, easy to read, they flow nicely and there are charts too. I am just getting to grips with charts. I find if I do not understand a pattern instruction, a quick glance at a chart makes it all very obvious as to where I am to place my hook for the next stitch. The photographs are clear bright and enticing and best of all there are projects. My problem with mandalas is what to do with them after you have made them. This book has the answers. My next project from this book, will be a mandala that i will turn into a dream catcher, I have feathers and everything! If you are pondering buying this book (as i was) ponder no more...go get it. You will not be disappointed. Message to Haafner ...'please can you write another crochet book asap please?' Full review including images of the finished projects: * Lazy Daisy Jones * I recently got my hands on this book Mandalas to Crochet 30 great patterns' by Haafner Linssen. Published by Search Press. I love crocheting mandalas, there's just something very soothing and relaxing about doing these. Plus they are normally quick to make up, so you have a finished project in no time, which is a bonus as I always seem to have unfinished wips lying around! but then again doesn't every crafter?! Back to the book ..... The author starts off by giving you information on yarns and selecting colours. Also she gives tips on crocheting the perfect mandala and by using certain techniques how you can achieve a more finished polished look to your work. If you are a beginner some of this information might go over your head for example, she uses standing stitches to begin rounds but you can still do them using the starting chain. I found this section very informative as she gives you information on starting rounds, joining a round, reading charts and how to do invisible joins, which I have always been lazy about doing but hey it does look better! She breaks the mandalas down into these sections ... Basic: which as the name suggests is a good place to start off if you are a beginner. The mandalas here are basic patterns just increasing and using different colours. A good place to start. Classic: these patterns are a little more challenging but still doable, more advanced stitches are used like popcorns and front post trebles. I crocheted the Lovely Lace Mandala & the Make it Pop Mandala from this section. Flowers: these patterns had a flower like theme and all so beautiful. I did the mandala Oriental Lily from this section and its my favourite from the book.Something Special: the last section of the book, again more beautiful mandalas with great colour combinations. All the mandalas in the book have a chart included too. The next section deals with borders and how you can finish off your work with a pretty border. She gives examples. The final section is all about projects and how you can incorporate the mandalas into projects. She lists the following: boho bag, hotpad, tablemat, summer scarf, lap blanket, rug and finally leaves and lace blanket, which is stunning. If you enjoy crocheting mandalas then this is the book for you, she gives 30 patterns which you crochet in no time and make them your own, simply by changing the colours or adding a different border. Full review including crocheted mandalas: * the messy brunette *

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  • Duidelijk geschreven boek
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    Het is een heel fijn boek om mandals uit te maken. De patronen zijn duidelijk geschreven en de tekeningen zijn erg duidelijk. Verder staan er hele mooie foto's in en leuke projecten die je met mandalas kan maken.

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  • Mandala!
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    Ik ben dol op het zelf tekenen en maken van mandala's. De voorkant van het boek sprak mij direct aan om die reden. De vormgeving is mooi, ik denk dat ik een andere verwachting had van de inhoud. Het is geen slecht boek, hou me ten goede. Het is mooi gefotografeerd en je kunt er heerlijk uit haken.

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  • Prachtige mandalas
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    Goede beschrijving en prachtige madalas.

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februari 2016
22,2 x 22,2 x 1 cm
Aantal pagina's
128 pagina's


Haafner Linssen
Search Press Ltd



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