Problems Of Human Adjustment
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PROBLEMS of Human Adjustment By LYNDE C. STECKLE, PH. D STAFF PSYCHOLOGIST Rohrer, Hibler and Replogle, Cleveland, Ohio HARPER BROTHERS PUBLISHERS NEW YORK PROBLEMS OF HUMAN ADJUSTMENT Copyright, 1949, by Harper ir Brothers Printed in the United States of America K-Y All rights in this hook arc reserved. No part of the hook may he reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the rase of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. For information address Harper 6-Brothers To Franci CONTENTS Foreword ix 1 . Introduction 1 2. Man the Animal 7 3. Emotional Living 23 4. Mind-Body 50 5. Realistic Living 79 6. The Road to Neurosis 103 7. The Main Problems of Life 141 8. Sanity in Sex 158 9. Courtship and Marriage 187 1 0. Happiness in Work 216 1 1 . The Search for God 249 1 2. Maturity in Old Age 275 13. A Realistic Outlook on Life 303 Bibliography 331 Index 347 FOREWORD THIS BOOK is an outgrowth of a decade of work with people and with the problems they encounter as they live. As in all areas of life, man finds kinship in the mutuality of experience in coping with the problems of life. College student, profes sional person, industrialist, factory or clerical worker in fact all mankind must face and resolve certain fundamental issues of living. The thesis here presented is that these issues attain problem status only when man attempts to meet them with inadequate preparation. It is his own inefficient techniques of solution that make his adjustment to reality ineffective for him. Basically, human beings fail to cope with life adequately because they have not applied available knowledge in their own life practices. This volume represents, in organizedform, the concepts I have found to work when the attempt is made to introduce man to himself. Whether in the classroom, the office, the fac tory or the clinic, it has been my experience that the approach taken here permits man to obtain the sine qua non of good adjustment self-understanding. Only when behavior is pro jected upon a basis of clear personal insight docs it partake of the efficiency and effectiveness requisite for happy living. Self understanding and its counterpart, self - acceptance, are funda mental to adequate adjustment. In acknowledgment for assistance given during the prepa ration of this volume, my debts are legion. First, I wish to express deep gratitude to my parents, Mayme L. and Charles ix X FOREWORD H. Steckle, who, by the example set, introduced me to the values inherent in facing life squarely and unafraid. Dr. L. I. OKelly read the manuscript and gave unstintingly of his wide store of knowledge. I probably shall never be able to discharge my obligation to him. Dr. S. R. Wallace read portions of the manuscript and assisted me over many a hurdle in thinking. Mr. Alvin Pitcher gave freely of his time and energy while I was struggling with the chapter on Religion. The Misses Bar bara Etzel and Patricia Knight rendered invaluable service in helping me to express myself in a form meaningful to youth. I am similarly indebted to all my students who helped, some times in brutal fashion, to clarify my thinking. I am also in debted to the men in the Fiberglas Corporation and the New ark Stove Company who aided me in making the phraseology comprehensible. Finally, I wish to offer, in partial payment of my greatest debt of all, my heartfelt gratitude to the one on whosesup port, both as a person and as a psychologist, I lean most heavily. To my wife, Franci, the least of whose contributions was the typing of the manuscript, and whose cheerful en couragement gave me strength to try again, I say, with all the futility of words adequately to express feeling Thank you. LYNDF. C...



maart 2007
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372 pagina's
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Lynde C. Steckle
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