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  • februari 2018
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After her painful divorce, Emma has asked me to teach her the ways of dating.

Exiting a sexless marriage, it's been years since she's been on a date, and she wants to experience every delicious thing a woman can feel. She wants to be brought to the very edge of ecstasy, and then she wants to leap right off the cliff. She wants the modern-day fairy tale, and is not afraid to experience new things, maybe even a little kink.

I'm a complete playboy, an expert in the ways a man can make a woman beg, so naturally, I accept. I love a good challenge. I'm her best friend, and I want her to be happy. So I agree to be her fairy godfather, her wingman.

The first night, I take her to a strip club and get her to put on a tantalizing show for every man there. She doesn't know I'm harder than all of them. Then I take her to the kinkiest club in town, but I make her wear a chastity belt, the key safely in my pocket the entire time. Next, I bring her to a party. She's the center of attention. I blindfold her, but as I'm putting it on her, I realize she's too perfect. She's too intoxicating. And she's totally overwhelming my desires. I want her for myself. Do I change the rules?

She asked me to take her all the way. Well, I'm about to leap off the cliff with her. And where it takes us is anyone's guess.

"This is a beautiful, well-written story that pulls you in and brings the heat. Emma has a bad marriage which put a wedge between her and her best friend Luke. Upon her divorce, she turns to Luke to help get her out into the world and experience the life she was missing. She lived vicariously through him and his stories of all his hot dark sexy escapades and wanted him to introduce her to his world. He helps her because loves her and wanted her to be happy but soon finds that he has bitten off more than he can handle. How can he continue to help her when his feelings start to get in the way? A sweet, emotional, and sexy story." Sharon—Goodreads

"Wow this book is on fire and each page gets hotter and hotter!! This book grips you and is hard to put down. Trust me when I say that you will have a sleepless night as soon as you pick this book up. You are totally going to find it hard to put down." Donna—Goodreads



februari 2018
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Adobe ePub


Chance Carter
Chance Carter

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