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Summary :

Sindbad, who has spent all the inheritance of his father, decides to go to sea to try to regain his fortune.

His captain and the crew disembark on what they believe to be an island. In reality, it is a giant whale which, once awake, dives. Some of them drown.

The captain and part of his crew board their boat and flee, leaving Sindbad, whom they didn't see, hanging on to a piece of wood.

Sindbad then drifts towards an island, that of King Mihrage, with whom he will make friends. This island is full of riches that Sindbad can enjoy. He is always on the lookout for the opportunity to return to Baghdad by watching the boats passing through the island's port.

And one day, it is his captain who docks. The captain doesn't recognise him right away. But thanks to the other members of the crew, he will be able to get his things and me! go back home, not without taking the gifts he was given and some local products that he will be able to resell in his country. This is the beginning of his fortune.

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What is the linguistic level of this text?

The level of this text is A1, which means that it can be read, without difficulty, by beginners (adults or children).

What is the format of this book?

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How to read a bilingual edition?

For a selected book, you must buy a version in the foreign language you wish to learn and buy another version in your mother tongue.

On the « Bilingual Bookstore », each sentence of each version is numbered.

So, when you read a book in a foreign version and do not understand a sentence, you can easily find the disturbing sentence thanks to its numbering in the version of the book in your mother tongue.

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oktober 2020
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