Teach Your Child to Learn, a Parent's Guide Simple and Tested Techniques That Work

Teach Your Child to Learn, a Parent's Guide
Auteur: Jan Sixt
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9780984936106
  • februari 2012
  • 106 pagina's
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From the parent's point of view: I have very little time. I'm torn. I have so many things to do, but I want to help my child learn. What's the answer? I'm lost, and it's so hard to watch my child struggle. From the child's point of view: Hey, I'm a kid. I want to get better grades, but I just don't understand this stuff. Everybody else gets it except me. If I could do my homework, then my mom and dad would be proud of me, but school is so hard. I try. Really, I do From my point of view: I'm a private tutor. I can show you how to apply the practical techniques I've developed over four decades of working with students like your child. I can show you how to more effectively use the time you can spend to help your child with school work. "Teach Your Child to Learn, A Parent's Guide: Simple and Tested Techniques That Work" is organized by subject. Each chapter describes techniques, starting with an essential one, to help the student "get it" and to smooth the road to learning. When a child understands a pivotal skill in each subject, that child gains the confidence to learn more advanced academic material. As a parent, you'll discover simple ways to capture your child's natural curiosity and readiness to learn. Private tutor and author, Jan Sixt, will show you how to give your child one indispensable skill for each core subject area that will help your student succeed in other aspects of the subject's content. Her techniques are practical, simple, adaptable, and they work. The information in this book will assist those who want to quickly get the right direction that will make the time they can spend with their child's educational needs clear and productive. This author intends to support those who want to have more peaceful interaction with their child when helping with homework involving vocabulary, spelling, reading, social studies, science, writing, and test preparation. This book will aid parents who need their child to become better organized and manage time more efficiently. Parents will master how to effectively present those important skills to their child. Furthermore, this book's message can empower those who want to give their preschool child an academic advantage by preparing their child for learning before that child formally enters school. Since this is not a textbook, the author did not intend to explore every nuance and exception to the basic rules of grammar, math, reading, writing, and spelling, or to write lengthy in-depth case studies. The information in "Teach Your Child to Learn" is a practical guide for busy parents.



februari 2012
Aantal pagina's
106 pagina's


Jan Sixt
Jan Sixt'S Teach To Learn Press



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