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Temple Themes in Christian Worship

Auteur: Margaret Barker
Uitgever: Bloomsbury
  • Engels
  • 1e druk
  • 9780567032768
  • januari 2008
  • Paperback
  • 304 pagina's
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It has been the custom to seek the origins of Christian worship in the synagogue. By proposing a temple setting, a great deal more can be explained, and the existing rather limited resources can be more fruitfully used. The Old Testament, New Testament and early Christian writings consistently point to the temple setting. Working with primary sources in translation, it is possible to reconstruct something of the early Christian world view, which shows the Church as the conscious continuation of the temple worship, but this has been largely overlooked due to concentration on the Greek setting and sources. The book covers baptism, both theology and practices, the Eucharist, with special emphasis on the symbolism of the elements, the significance of music and hymns, festivals and pilgrimage, use of the Scriptures, both what the early Christians used and how they read them, prayers, including the Lord's prayer, and the shape of church buildings.


Mention - New Testament Abstracts, Vol. 52 No. 3, 2008 A short review cannot hope to do justice to the richness and complexity of this book, which is full of intriguing suggestions. - Church Times, 2008 '[This book] serves to synthesize [Barker's] previous work as well as add fresh material and suggestions ... She manages to integrate texts/translations from greatly differing contexts to show their possible interconnectedness in the realm of Temple worship, and consequently can present with creative persuasion the links between early Christian worship and the worlds of the first and second Temple.' Theological Book Review, Volume 20, No 2, 2008 This fascinating book moves beyond conventional wisdom and opens up new vistas. International Review of Biblical Studies, vol. 54:2007/08 . impressive array of evidence. USUS Antiquor, Vol 1 January 2010 Negative review - DO NOT USE The frustrating style, coupled with weak argumentation filled with logical non sequiturs and the highly disputable nature of many of her conclusions, do not commend the book to anyone but the most dedicated and critical reader. This is unfortunately, since I believe the most fundamental thesis of her work - namely, that the OT temple exercised a formative influence upon the origin of early Christian worship - is a valid one that deserves far greater attention than it typically receives. Max J. Roglund, Erskine Theological Seminary, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society--Max J. Roglund, Erskine Theological Seminary Journal Of Evangelical Theological Society . impressive array of evidence. USUS Antiquor, Vol 1 January 2010 Baker moves seamlessly between Older Testament, Apocryphal, New Testament, and Patristic writings...There are many insights in this book that help us appreciate the theology of worship in the ancient church. We need not be drawn into the enthusiasm that suggests that temple theology answers all questions about ancient Christian worship. -Frank C. Senn, Worship, November 2008 For the last decade, Margaret Barker has been publishing intriguing books about the biblical foundations of Christian worship. Her latest, Temple Themes in Christian her most comprehensive to date. Her thesis is that early Christian worship, as evidenced by the New Testament and patristic writers, derives from the worship of the temple, rather than, say, from Hellenistic mystery religions or the Jewish synagogue...Barker gets a lot into her book, and a lot is right. Alongside Danielou's The Bible and the Liturgy and Jeff Meyer's The Lord's Service, it's a valuable contribution to our understanding of the Old Testament roots of Christian worship. -Peter J. Leithart, Credenda, Summer 2008 The book will mainly be of interest to scholars but the more general reader can benefit from a detailed and intriguing account of both temple and early church worship.--Sanford Lakoff



januari 2008
1e druk
22,9 x 15,9 x 2,5 cm
Aantal pagina's
304 pagina's
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Margaret Barker



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