Writing and Understanding Poetry for Teachers and Students EBOOK Tooltip A Heart's Craft

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  • 9781475814088
  • februari 2015
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Grounded in craft, this book was composed on three premises: That the study and modeling of great poems is integral to understanding poetry and learning to write poems, that scaffolded learning builds a writer's and a reader's confidence and knowledge base and increases learning, and that teachers and facilitators of poetry can and should build learning environments we call "our hearts in a safe place." Each chapter contains an introduction to a main focus, new terms, a model poem, an explication, short prompts heuristic to each chapter's focus, and a model exercise. Student poem samples are included in each chapter. The last chapter discusses syllabi, portfolios and alternate grading. A Heart's Craft differs from other poetry" how to books" because it combines art with pedagogy in a unique and effective fashion.


I find this text smart in three important ways. First, since many young people think they can write poems worth hearing in spite of the fact they've never listened themselves, it stresses reading from the get-go. Second, it provides poems written by peers of the book's target audience in response to the authors' craft suggestions so students can model on the work of people their own age. Third and most importantly, the creators of this book are not only academics but also poets themselves, so not only can they teach; they personally know what they're doing- all of which makes this book a very fine addition to the genre. -- Lola Haskins, Florida poet and author, Gainesville FL A Heart's Craft: An Introduction to Reading, Writing, and Understanding Poetry is a remarkably versatile resource in that it is beneficial for writers and readers of various levels. Often in my teaching, a developmental writing student will surprise me with beautifully communicated images in his or her writing. This text is the perfect text to introduce such a beginning writer to his or her creative abilities and the poet who within. In addition, as a reading teacher, I also appreciate the clarity of the poetry explications. They are written in such a way as to eliminate much of the mystery, intimidation, and fear developmental readers usually experiences in their encounters with poetry. -- Elizabeth Smith, director, reading and writing lab, State College of Florida, Manatee - Sarasota Like most Creative Writing teachers, I have gone through more than one book on how to write poetry. Upon reading just a few lines from A Heart's Craft: An Introduction to Reading, Writing, and Understanding Poetry, I was immediately engaged. I could tell Cassandra Robison and Suzanne Keyworth had the kind of prose that is both fluent and accessible, not to mention beautiful, which is rare for a how-to book. They touch on the seemingly small things, such as ellipses, to the obviously large ideas, like avoiding sentimentality, even in poems about love and loss. It doesn't surprise me that this pair of writers has written such an excellent book on poetry. I first met them at a conference where they held a workshop. My students attended their session on poetry, and came out with excited, eager eyes, ready to tackle the blank page once again. -- Marta Magellan, professor, Miami Dade College, Miami FL This book provides educators with a roadmap for using the creative arts to heal emotional wounds and alter behaviors. It is groundbreaking in its use of poetry and other creative writings to do this. This is a book that can be effectively employed by educators and mental health practitioners alike. -- Priscilla V. Barone, MMHC, therapist, Lutheran Social Services, Falconer NY

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A Heart's Craft
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