Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It


And What to Do About It

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Auteur: Gary Taubes
Uitgever: Anchor Books
  • Engels
  • 9780307595515
  • december 2010
  • E-book
  • 171 pagina's
  • Adobe ePub
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Gary Taubes

Gary Taubes (born April 30, 1956) is an American science writer. He is the author of Nobel Dreams (1987), Bad Science: The Short Life and Weird Times of Cold Fusion (1993), and Good Calories, Bad Calories (2007), titled The Diet Delusion (2008) in the UK and Australia. His book Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It was released in December 2010. His main hypothesis is that carbohydrates stimulate the secretion of insulin, which causes the body to store fat. In December 2016, Taubes published The Case Against Sugar, which further expanded his arguments against dietary carbohydrates and sugar in particular.[citation needed]

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Table of Contents
Introduction: The Original Sin
Book I / Biology, Not Physics
1. Why Were They Fat?
2. The Elusive Benefits of Undereating
3. The Elusive Benefits of Exercise
4. The Significance of Twenty Calories a Day
5. Why Me? Why There? Why Then?
6. Thermodynamics for Dummies, Part 1
7. Thermodynamics for Dummies, Part 2
8. Head Cases

Book II / Adiposity
9. The Laws of Adiposity
10. A Historical Digression on "Lipophilia"
11. A Primer on the Regulation of Fat
12. Why I Get Fat and You Don't (or Vice Versa)
13. What We Can Do
14. Injustice Collecting
15. Why Diets Succeed and Fail
16. A Historical Digression on the Fattening Carbohydrate
17. Meat or Plants?
18. The Nature of a Healthy Diet
19. Following Through

Praise for Good Calories, Bad Calories
"Brilliant and enlightening." --The Washington Post
"A brave and bold science journalist.... Taubes does not bow to the current fashion for narrative nonfiction, instead building his argument case by case.... Much of what Taubes relates will be eye-opening." --The New York Times Book Review
"A vitally important book, destined to change the way we think about food." --Michael Pollan

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december 2010
20,3 x 13,3 x 1,9 cm
Aantal pagina's
171 pagina's
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Adobe ePub
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Gary Taubes
Anchor Books



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And What to Do About It

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