Marked for Death

Islam's War Against the West and Me

Auteur: Geert Wilders
Uitgever: Regnery/Gateway
  • Engels
  • 1e druk
  • 9781596987968
  • januari 2012
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pagina's
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Marked for Death

Fanatics, terrorists, and appeasers have tried everything to silence Geert Wilders, Europe's most controversial Member of Parliament—from putting him on trial to putting a price on his head. But Wilders refuses to be silenced—and one result is the book you have in your hands.

For years, from his native Netherlands, Wilders has sounded the alarm about the relentless spread of Islam in the West. And he has paid a steep personal price, enduring countless death threats and being forced into a permanent state of hiding.

Now, for the first time, Wilders offers a full account of his long battle against the zealots who have already slaughtered his countryman Theo van Gogh—whose killer also threatened to murder Wilders himself.

In Marked for Death, Wilders reveals:

  • How—and why—liberal politicians, including Barack Obama, downplay the Islamic threat
  • The systematic suppression of free speech through lawsuits, prosecutions, threats, and violence meted out against Islam's critics
  • The untold story: how Islamic groups are redefining human rights to suppress non-Muslims everywhere
  • The true, bloody history of Islam's spread throughout the world
  • How the West can defend itself against an existential enemy determined to conquer the globe

Expelled from Britain, banned from Indonesia, denounced by the UN Secretary General, prosecuted in court for his beliefs, forced into government safe houses, and constantly threatened with death, Geert Wilders is unbowed and unapologetic. Marked for Death is a stark warning about a growing threat to our liberties written by a man who has lost his freedom—and would not see the rest of us suffer the same fate.
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  • Islam

    Het is hoogst eigenaardig - als ik "overtuigde" multiculturisten enkele gedetaileerde vraagjes stel over de islam blijkt maar al te duidelijk dat ze er niets - maar dan ook niets - van kennen. God vergeve het hen! Daarom is dit boek dan ook een belangrijke stap; geschreven door een gedreven iemand die weet - en aan den lijve ondervindt - wat islam betekent. Maar ach, wat dacht Wilders nu wel op een ogenblik dat Nederland (en het overgrote deel van de rest van Europa) het maar al te druk heeft met voetbal en Ronde van Frankrijk, en verlof, en eindejaarspremie. Maar, mocht je wel eens tijd hebben, lees dit boek eens. Ga verder eens kijken op Jihad Watch en Utube (Robert Spencer). Je zal versteld staan.
    (tussen haakjes - waar blijft de nederlandse vertaling?)

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  • Sledgehammer

    Geschreven bij Marked for Death

    This book will hit you like a sledgehammer. Mr Wilders is eligible for a Nobel Prize for this passionate plea for humanity, culture and civilization. His research is meticulous, his argument convincing, his style impeccable. Not only does he provide his reader with a highly interesting and very readable history of Islam, from the claustrophobic surroundings of his seven-year banishment from a normal social life Wilders sketches the frightening implications of the western world inevitably digging its own grave through its paralysing political correctness. Ostracized by the very people he attempts to defend from the forces that have marked him for death he stands tall, never resorting to demagogism, always denouncing violence or hatred. Supported by the words of the great thinkers and statesmen in history he states his case and makes his plea. A plea for freedom of thought, free speech, freedom of expression and religion. An appeal to fight for a world free of totalitarianism or race supremacy, and a heartfelt argument to stand up for the values and achievements of our civilization. The repercussions of the process Mr Wilders ruthlessly sketches are nightmarish; his optimism and resilience in the face of a dark age approaching deeply moving. This book is a human and historic document of the worthiest category and should be read by You - regardless of your political orientation - to realize where civilized society has gone awry.

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januari 2012
1e druk
23,6 x 16,1 x 2,8 cm
Aantal pagina's
256 pagina's


Geert Wilders



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Islam's War Against the West and Me

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